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She’s Got The Mac

I’m such a nerd. When I first thought of this post all I could think of was this performance by Bella Blue of New Orleans. So what do Miss Bella and macaroni and cheese have in common? I have no fucking clue. She probably don’t even like macaroni and cheese. I just laughed like a […]

They Call Me “Tater Salad”

Happy Fourth of July!! The Navy boyo called this morning from a very exciting place that I’m not allowed to post on the internet. Let’s just say it’s awesome!! My Dillon is snoozing safe in his bed. He started a new job at a video game store, he really likes it. He is such a […]

Sara & Vern

It has still been pretty crazy around our humble chateau but I finally got around to inviting people for Sunday supper. I invited Sara & Vern. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve known Sara for a very long time, like since she was in high school. Her husband Vern is a great guy, he’s funny and […]