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You Can Get Anything You Want…

I hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving.

We had lots of fun and as always ate and drank entirely too much.  We also had our Josephine’s 3rd birthday party and a wedding to go to this weekend. We were busy folks!

One of the newer Thanksgiving traditions around here is going to the Odd Fellows Thanksgiving pot luck. It’s put on my the Waxahachie Odd Fellows Lodge #80 and it is a blast. The Rebekahs (I’m a member of Waxahachie Rebekah Lodge #381) bring side dishes and desserts and this year we had a raffle. We’re lucky enough to have a couple of amazing tattoo artists as members of both the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs so as you can imagine the prizes for the tattoo gift certificates are highly sought after.

This year I made the Brussels sprouts I got the recipe for from our Rebekah, my macaroni and cheese, and Roger requested Grandpa potatoes so I made those too. Grandpa potatoes is one of Roger’s favorites.  Our friends Dawn and Harry Poe made them for him first and he told me about it and I just kind of tweaked it from there.

The recipe comes from Harry’s Grandpa and that’s why we call them Grandpa potatoes. I’m not exactly sure what Harry’s Grandpa’s recipe is but here’s how I do it:


You will need red skinned potatoes (don’t use the little ones, use big ones), Ro*Tel, an onion, garlic, cumin, cilantro, salt, pepper, and some reduced sodium chicken stock.

Rinse off your potatoes and slice them. I make the slices fairly thick so they hold up a little better during the cooking process.

Heat your pan and add some oil. You can use vegetable or olive oil, which ever you prefer.

When the oil is hot, add your potatoes.

When the potatoes start to get a little crusty on the bottom side, give them a flip and add the onions and some salt and pepper.

I forgot the garlic so I added it later.

Add the cans of Ro*Tel. Don’t drain them, just dump them in there juice and all. I used 2 regular sized cans because I was making a pretty good sized dish for the potluck but if I make them for just a week night thing, I just use one can. I don’t make these very often because I really don’t like them very much. I’m not a Ro*Tel fan.

Give everything a stir and add your cumin and chicken stock. You might also want to add a little more salt and pepper at this point. DON’T ADD TOO MUCH STOCK!!!!!

Bring it up to a boil, turn the heat down, slap the lid on AND LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE!!!!! When our Craig was home on leave this past spring and I was working at Scarborough Faire, Roger decided to have an impromptu dinner party Craig’s first night back. He made a fajita spread and made these potatoes and they turned out a HUGE fucking mess. His first problem was he had way too much oil in the pan, had too many potatoes in the pan and then he kept stirring them and stirring them. Our Rachel tried to help him out but they were too far gone by the time she got there.

When the potatoes are pretty close to being cooked all the way through, take the lid off and turn the heat back up. Give them a couple of gentle stirs and you’re going to let most of the liquid cook out. This is where you want to add your cilantro (if you don’t like cilantro, just leave it out). I like a lot of cilantro but since I was taking to a group dinner, I just added this much.

Tah dah!


The secrets to making this recipe a success are: don’t add too much oil, don’t add too much liquid and DON’T stir them too much.

Let me know if you make this dish and what you did to make it your own.


TTFN! xoxo











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