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This is my wonderful friend Zandra. In the burlesque Dallas/Denton burlesque scene she is known as Adi Pose, emcee and singer extraordinaire. Zandra moved to LA last summer to study Clinical Psychology at Antioch University. We all miss her terribly. Zandra is one of those people in my life who just kind of showed up […]

Sara & Vern

It has still been pretty crazy around our humble chateau but I finally got around to inviting people for Sunday supper. I invited Sara & Vern. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve known Sara for a very long time, like since she was in high school. Her husband Vern is a great guy, he’s funny and […]


Holy shit its been nuts around here. I’m sure most of you know we got a puppy. I’m too old for puppies. Good thing he’s really cute and really clumsy and a boy. I have a thing for cute, clumsy boys. I got to perform in the first burlesque show ever to be held at […]