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by Mimi Yahn, ©2012


Across the globe, International Women’s Day will be commemorated with mass marches, rallies and celebrations. In the U.S., women will be marking it by shutting down banks, corporations and other actions to highlight the economic disparities between women and men and the economic hit that women have endured over the past several years. Across the globe, women have borne the brunt of the economic disaster.

In the past several months, the assaults against women have escalated, our rights are being eliminated. If we are to be out on the streets on March 8th demanding justice, the power of our outrage and determination will be magnified a hundred-fold by taking action as a united international women’s general strike.

If you’ve not had enough, consider this:

Women go through everything that men go through — hunger, poverty, injustices, torture, imprisonment, racist colonialism, etc. — but in…

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