Get Him To The Greek

Yeah, so I’ve never seen that movie and I just realized I forgot to give you the low down on the 5 Layer Greek Dip.



The original recipe called for hummus (She had made her own. Yeah. No.) cucumber, kalamata olives, red bell pepper, and dill. I decided to use tomatoes in place of the red bell pepper and to add some mint. It’s really easy, just smear, chop and sprinkle. I put out pita chips, pretzel chips, crackers, and tortilla chips for dipping. I think it was the biggest hit of the Super Bowl party, everyone really liked it. Oh and you can find the link to the original recipe in the previous post.


Here’s what you do:

Get your shit together. (Okay so that made me laugh)

Spread the hummus in your serving dish. Try to get it in there even.

Chop the tomatoes. I de-splooged them first because I don't like the seed goop in tomatoes.

Scrape the seeds out of the cucumber with a spoon. You can peel them if you want but I was lazy and didn't feel like effin around with it.

I had black olives and kalamata olives. I was cleaning out the fridge and I was trying to make more room for beer so i just put them all in one jar. It really made the black olives taste way better.

After you've chopped up all your veg and sprinkled them around on top of the hummus, put your feta on.

Chop the dill and the mint as nicely as you can and put it on top.

And tah-dah! 5 Layer Greek Dip. Put some plastic wrap on it and chuck it in the fridge until it's party time!

Here's a close up...I think it's really pretty and it is very easy...I was proud of it.


I hope you make this, it’s super simple. Let me know if you do and what you did to make it your own.








2 comments on “Get Him To The Greek

  1. As a taster – I can attest to the awesomeness of this recipe. I had to go sit across the room from it so I’d stop eating it and leave some for the other guests. 🙂

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