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Super Bowl Sunday 2012 Part II

For my Super Bowl shindig I made homemade blue cheese dressing and we had a build your own Bloody Mary Bar. I was going to make ranch too but I couldn’t get the recipe to load to my phone while I was at the store and when I got home, I didn’t have all the stuff I needed so I decided just to stick to Hidden Valley this go round.

I didn’t used to like Bloody Marys because I’m not a big tomato fan. But at the College Street Pub in Waxahachie they have a Bloody Mary bar and so I’ve sort of figured out what I like in them and I turn out a pretty descent drink. Of course you need vodka and tomato juice and these are the accoutrement:

In my Bloody Mary I like celery seed, pickled okra, celery stalk, olives, olive juice, lime, black pepper and a splish (a slpish is smaller than a splash) of A1. My friend Lauren at the College Street Pub told me about the A1 and it’s really good. I also learned from Sara that if you put all the accoutrement (I love that word. It sounds so fancy) in on top of the vodka and before the tomato juice, it makes it easier to mix and you don’t end up getting your glass too full and making a friggin’ mess everywhere in the process. Thanks girls!


Blue Cheese Dressing

I LOVE blue cheese dressing. It is my absolute favorite salad dressing. Homemade is best too. Not just because you made it but because it just tastes better and it’s good and chunky just the way I like it.

Here’s what you need:

Buttermilk, REAL mayonnaise, a lemon, sour cream, blue cheese and something to put the finished product in.

Here’s what you do:

Just eyeball everything and put it in the bowl. I think I may have used 1 cup of mayo and a cup of sour cream. I used the whole container of blue cheese.

Add the juice from half a lemon. I have to say that I LOVE this juicer thing I have, it fucking rocks!!

I got too much buttermilk so I added more mayo.

Gave it a taste and it needed salt & pepper.

I think I used just about half of the salt I have here. Blue cheese is pretty salty on its own so you won't need much.


Give everything a good stir and put it in a jar and keep it in the fridge. I labeled it so no one would think it was ranch and then yell cuz it's not.


I hope you make some of this stuff yourself. Don’t wait for a special occasion either, have a Bloody Mary bar on Tuesday, just because you can.

Let me know if you made something from this post and what you did to make it your own.




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